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Pure Essential Oils

136. Agarwood Subintegra (Aquilaria subintegra - Thailand)

Thailand is one of the top quality producer of Agarwood essential oil. Our Agarwood or Oud oil is obtained by distillation of 7-8 years Aquilaria subintegra heartwood that is originally grown in the ancient rainforest border of Thailand and Cambodia and currently naturally, organically grown and cultivated in eastern area of Thailand. This dark brown oil offers complex unusual woody and spice bottom note that excellent for exotic luxury perfumes. Therapeutically, the exquisite fragrance of the oil helps to lifts spirits, balance moods and dispels negative emotions.


Pure Essential Oils

137. Jasmine CO2 (Jasminum sambac - China)

This jasmine extracted by CO2 Supercritical method to offer the purest Jasmine essential oil. It is calming to the nerves and warming to the emotions, producing positive feeling of confidence. Perhaps the most valued oil as it is the best choice to inspire the confidence. It is a powerful anti-depressant of a stimulating nature, and all these qualities combine to help those suffering from lack of confidence, indecision and the lethargy born of depression. The lovely floral fragrance of Jasmine is useful in skin care, especially for dry, sensitive and mature skins.


Pure Essential Oils

138. Frangipani (Plumeria alba - Thailand)

The flower grown and cultivated in Southern of Thailand. This Frangipani absolute is extracted from selected petal of frangipani only to offer you the best quality of authentic absolute with delicate fragrance that hardly find in the market. It has heavy, sweet and exotic floral aroma that widely used in high class perfumery. It can be used with the burner to create the sensual and romantic moment. We can not say much about this oil, just if you're looking for very rare floral absolute, then its right here. We highly recommend trying this absolute.


Pure Essential Oils

139. Rose Otto (Rosa damascena - Bulgaria)

Rose otto has often been described as the queen of flowers, and for many aromatherapists there is no finer essential oil. Rose comforts the heart in grief and helps the bereaved, as well as those grieving for the end of a relationship. Rose is tonic of the physical heart and also lifts the spirits, allays anxiety and is generally nurturing. Overall, it is quite exquisite; it is tender, uplifting and soothing. Its valuable skin-care qualities and fragrance make it a good choice in caring for the skin. Rose alleviates sorrow, sadness and supporting you until the mood shifts.


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