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Pure Essential Oils

1. Lavender French H.A. (Lavandula angustifolia - France)

This Lavender is from High Altitude farmland in France. It is valuable for most skin conditions since it promotes growth of new cells and exerts a balancing action on sebum with healing effect on burns and sunburn and helpful in cases of acne and eczema. Also said to heal abscesses, boils and carbuncles as well as minimize fungal growths, scarring and gangrenous wounds. It has positive effect on mind, cleanses and soothes the spirit relieving anger and exhaustion, resulting in a calmer approach to life. Has a sedative action that giving effective relief from insomnia.


Pure Essential Oils

2. Bergamot (Citrus bergamia - Italy)

Bergamot essential oil has a delightlyfully fresh, citrussy aroma, which is almost universally liked. This oil is valuable in treating urinary tract infection, depression and anxiety, and used in skin care. It can be added to the bath, and used as a local wash, it relief of vaginal itching and mild discharges. Psychologically, Bergamot is uplifting, clearing and relaxing oil, it can be used in massage oil for tense, anxious or depressed peoples. It can be used in facial massage oil, cream or lotions for treating acne, oily skin and all infected skin conditions.


Pure Essential Oils

3. Cedarwood Atlas (Cedarus atlantica - Morocco)

Cedarwood is fortifying, calming and opening. It is the first choice for men skin and hair-care products. It improves oily skin, acne and dandruff. It is also good for treating urinary-tract infections, coughs and chronic bronchitis. Psychologically, cedarwood reduces fear and helps you discover inner strength and courage. It is good for calming nervous tension and stress. Cedarwood is good in meditations and especially helps to instill confidence. It is a good general tonic for strengthening subtle energies. Cedarwood must be avoided to use during pregnancy.


Pure Essential Oils

4. Eucalyptus Spain (Eucalyptus globulus - Spain)

Eucalyptus apparently useful for skin eruption like herpes and good for burns, preventing bacterial growth and subsequent pus formation, aiding construction of new tissue, has a cooling effect upon the emotions, aids concentration and strengthens the nervous system. Its antiviral action works well on the respiratory tract, soothing inflammation and easing mucus, particularly well for influenza, throat infection, coughs, catarrhal conditions and sinusitis, clear the head due to stuffiness from colds fever. Eucalyptus from Spain is better quality than China.


Pure Essential Oils

5. Frankincense (Boswellia carterii - Somalia)

Frankincense helps to slow down breathing, producing feeling of calm. This tends to bring about an elevating and soothing effect on the mind. Its comforting and somewhat refreshing action is helpful for anxious and obsessional states linked to the past. Excellent effect on respiration: eases shortness of breath and useful to asthma sufferers. Gives new life to ageing skin and reputedly smooth out wrinkles. Its astringent properties may also help balance oily conditions. Found to be effective wounds, sores, ulcers, carbuncles and inflammation.