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Quality of the essential oils from BOTANICESSENCE?


Quality of each essential oil depends on many factors such as place of origin, weather, altitude, time of harvest, process of distillation and knowledge of the distiller.

We carefully choose all of our essential oils from the most appropriate source of growing and harvesting. Each source are either located on the origin of each plant or the best location for growing that plant. For example, Lavender from France, Rose from Bulgaria, Frankincense from Kenya. Each distiller is the most trusted and only offer the top quality essential oil that match with standard specificition to ensure it's quality. Our distiller are both small expert distiller that produce only specific essential oil of their expertise or major essential oil producer from European countries that farming and distilling many plants around the world.

Only one way to exactly know the purity and quality of each essential oil is to perform a full range analytical testing. Currently, Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) is the best method. Anyway, it's quite difficult to obtain this test or not worth to do this expensive test for just small amount of essential oil.

There are many essential oils commercial grade, or even fake, diluted with synthetics in the market that harmful to your body. The best way to ensure that you've what you pay for is to buy from trusted sellers. List of essential oils offer by each seller should be a reasonable pricelist. Should be neither cheap, expensive nor all the same price!, but must be mixed together. For example, Orange, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Tea Tree or Rosemary should not much expensive. Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang should have a fair price and Rose, Jasmine, Immortelle, Sandalwood should be highest. If you find seller that sell expensive oils too cheap. If they can not provide a good answer about essential oils, if they can not make you trusted, Think first before paying your money!

Why the price of essential oils is different?

There are several factors that can affect the cost of natural essential oils:

  1. Plant availability: Some plants are more readily available than others, which can make the essential oils produced from them less expensive. For example, peppermint is widely cultivated and it is relatively inexpensive. Conversely, if a plant is rare or difficult to cultivate, the essential oil produced from it will likely be more expensive. For example, Rose oil is obtained from the petals of the damask rose and takes over 60,000 roses to make just one ounce of oil.

  2. Production method: Some methods of extraction are more labor-intensive or require more specialized equipment, which can drive up the cost of the essential oil. For example, Steam distillation method is the most common method used to extract essential oils, but some plants and plant parts are better extracted using other methods, such as cold pressing or solvent extraction, which can be more expensive.

  3. Plant part used: The part of the plant used to produce the oil can also affect the cost. For example, it takes a large quantity of flowers to produce a small amount of essential oil, making floral oils more expensive. For example, Jasmine oil is extracted from the flowers of the jasmine plant, it takes around 8 million jasmine flowers to produce 1 kg of oil.

  4. Quality: The grade of the oil, its purity, and the type of analysis and certifications it has, can affect the price of the oil. For example, Organic certified oils may be more expensive than non-certified oils.

  5. Location: The location of the plant material and the production facility can also affect the cost of the oil. For example, oils produced in developing countries may be less expensive than those produced in developed countries, due to the lower cost of labor and other production costs.

  6. Demand: The demand for a particular oil can also affect its price. If an oil is particularly popular, the price may be higher due to increased demand. For example, Helichrysum is known for its powerful regenerating properties, the oil is very expensive due to the limited availability of the plant material and high demand.

It is important to note that an essential oil's price does not always reflect its quality, and some inexpensive oils can be just as effective as more expensive ones. BOTANICESSENCE offers only top quality essential oils. The price of some essential oils could be very high, but it's not expensive and worth every dollars you pay for it. You can be sure that at BOTANICESSENCE, the oils are authentic & 100% natural.

Is that necessary to use pure essential oils? Why don't we use fragrance that's much cheaper?

German Chamomile Blossom Choosing between pure essential oils derived from natural sources and synthetic fragrances depends on the intended purpose of use. If you are primarily interested in the pleasure of scent without considering the therapeutic benefits, and you do not have any allergies to synthetic substances, then synthetic fragrances may be a suitable option as they can provide a stronger scent and longer lasting aroma. Additionally, synthetic fragrances are often more affordable.

However, if you prioritize an overall improvement in quality of life and are concerned about the therapeutic benefits that certain scents can provide for your health and well-being, then it is recommended to use only pure essential oils. This is because natural substances are generally considered to be better for health than synthetic alternatives.

Pure essential oils are composed of a variety of natural compounds, which differ greatly from synthetic fragrances that are typically made from only a few synthetic ingredients.

What product category do you have?

We have 5 different product category.

  1. Certified Organic Essential Oils

    Extracted from plants grown naturally or grown by organic farming methods without the use of chemical substances throughout the cultivation process, including strict control of standards throughout the harvesting and processing to ensure that the resulting essential oil is pure and 100% organic in accordance with the standards of organizations such as USDA or ECOCERT. The certification documents for organic products will list the products that have been certified. The majority of them will have a shelf life of no more than 1 year before each manufacturer has to renew the Certificate again. However, due to the stringent process and high cost of obtaining the certificate, organic certificates are typically only held by large manufacturers or distributors. That being said, the fact that an essential oil is certified organic does not necessarily mean that it is of the highest quality, as the organic certification only guarantees that the oil is produced using organic methods. The quality of the oil depends on a variety of factors such as the source of cultivation, the soil and weather conditions, and the care and attention given to the plants during the production process.

  2. Pure Essential Oils (Conventional / Unsprayed (Non-Certified Organic) / Wildcrafted)

    Our 100% pure essential oils are almost all organic, which are grown and extracted without using pesticides or chemical substances. Many of them are wild crafted, meaning they are harvested from natural sources such as the wild or from high altitude regions. These oils have the same properties and information as certified organic essential oils, but the producers of these oils may not have registered or obtained organic certification from recognized organizations. This may be due to the fact that they are small farms with limited cultivation and production of only a few types of oils, but they have confidence in the quality and reputation of their oils. Therefore, it is not necessary to request certification from any organization, but that does not mean that the essential oils obtained from these producers are 100% pure. The quality may be lower than that of essential oils with Organic Certificates, but on the other hand, essential oils from small farms, some from good cultivation sources, with care taken for the quality of the plants and techniques for distilling essential oils passed down within families, can also provide the best quality essential oils.

  3. Signature Blend Essential Oils

    Blended essential oils is an essential oil that we brings 100% pure essential oils of many types to be mixed together in the ratio that is appropriate according to our own formula, to provide exceptional quality essential oils as desired, such as Sleep Well blended essential oil that we use Roman Chamomile, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang mixed together to provide properties that help to relieve stress and relax for better sleep or Purify blended essential oil that is made from Frankincense, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus with the properties that help to kill germs and purify the air when used with the diffuser.

  4. Floral Water : Hydrosol

    The hydrosol is not a mixture of essential oil with water or a dilution of essential oil in water, but it is a hydrosol obtained from distilling essential oils, or another name called Floral Water. It is a by-product or product obtained from distilling essential oils. This hydrosol will have the natural properties of the plant that is used to extract the essential oil as the main component, different from essential oils that the hydrosols have natural properties that cannot be dissolved in water. Hydrosols have a light and mild texture and can be used as a replacement for essential oils for those who have sensitive skin or have irritation problems from the strength of essential oils. They can be used in a variety of ways such as in skincare, as a body spray, or in a bath.

  5. Virgin and Refined Oils

    Natural Virgin Oil, also known as Carrier Oil, Fixed Oil, Base Oil or Vegetable Oil, is not an essential oil, but an oil derived from common plants, especially from the seed part. It is mainly composed of fatty acids and has a milder smell than essential oils, and may even have no smell in some types. It is non-irritating and can be used directly on the skin without causing harm, except for people with allergies. There are many grades of this type of oil, for example, oil obtained by cold pressing method is called Cold Pressed Oil, Crude Oil, Expeller Oil or Virgin Oil, which is the highest quality oil, rich in minerals and natural compounds in the highest amounts. Examples of these oils are Apricot Kernel, Argan, Moringa, Rose Hip, Pomegranate, and another type is heat-pressed oil, or natural oil through processing methods, also known as Refined Oil, such as Avocado, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, etc. The details and differences are as follows:

    5.1 Virgin or Cold-Pressed Oil

    Cold Pressed Oil is obtained from a process of squeezing raw materials with a press machine, whether it is a screw or a hydraulic press. It has the limitation that throughout the extraction process, the temperature must be controlled to not exceed 80-90 Fahrenheit or approximately 26-32 Celsius. This results in oil that is rich in natural food substances (Phyto-Nutrients) that are beneficial, including various vitamins that are not destroyed by heat. After obtaining the oil, it will be filtered to separate the sediment, resulting in clear oil with natural color and smell according to the natural properties of the raw materials used. Throughout the process, from squeezing to filtering, it only involves physical methods. This oil has the highest nutritional value and is the most natural form of oil.

    The benefits of cold-pressed oil include being rich in complete natural food substances, which can be used to nourish the body, skin, hair, hands and nails effectively, but it also has disadvantages when used, such as color that may be dark and natural smell that cannot be controlled, which some people may not like the smell of certain raw materials, even though it has high nutritional values. And another important thing is that the oil is relatively heavy, which may make some people feel uncomfortable while using it. Despite this, the oil is able to penetrate deeply into the skin cells.

    5.2 Refined Oil

    This oil may be perceived by many as low-quality and not good for the body, but this is a misconception. The production process of this group of oils involves complex refining methods, using advanced technology and possibly chemicals (before extracting the natural oil). This results in oil that has a standard color, smell, and texture, and may have special characteristics such as not solidifying in low temperatures.

    The extraction process starts by finely grinding the raw materials, then passing them through high heat, before mixing with Hexane, which helps extract the oil from the raw materials. The oil is then separated from the solids, then distilled to remove Hexane, returning the oil for use as crude oil.

    After the crude oil is obtained, the crude oil will be processed through selected methods to produce each type of oil that meets the needs of the refinery. This can include adding a crude oil desulfurization agent, removing free fatty acids, removing oil color by using starch, removing wax by reducing temperature, filtering, and finally, bringing the remaining oil through a high-pressure and high-temperature distillation process to produce clear, light-colored, clean, safe and 100% pure oil. It can be used both in food and cosmetic production, which is more popular than using cold-pressed oil because it does not affect the color and smell of the cream or product. It only destroys the natural food value to a satisfactory level during the production process.

    The advantage of refined oil is that it is clear, light, and mostly cheaper than cold-pressed oil. It is suitable for making cosmetics, especially creams, as it does not affect color and smell, and can be used as a base oil for massage oil. However, the disadvantage is that the natural food value for nourishment is just less.

What is the price different between BOTANICESSENCE and other essential oils retailers?

BOTANICESSENCE is a retailer that offers the widest range of top-quality essential oils in Thailand and possibly in Southeast Asia. We position ourselves as one of the most trusted sources of top-quality pure essential oils for all customers. We are always concerned about the budget differences of customers from different countries, so we set the best price for all essential oils, but the quality is still second to none compared to worldwide retailers.

Five important reasons that BOTANICESSENCE can offer top quality pure essential oils much lower than others.

  1. We buy all essential oils directly from the distillers or major suppliers around the world.
  2. We sell our essential oils directly to the end-users, without having to share our profit with shops or distributors (30-50%).
  3. We have effective cost control. As a small company, our fixed costs are very low.
  4. Our main market is in Thailand and Southeast Asia, so we cannot set very high prices like those in the US or EU.
  5. We do not have hidden costs that are not related to product quality, such as commission plans, or marketing costs.

The reason that we can offer the best price to our customers is because we try to import our essential oils directly from the producers. However, we do not choose the cheapest producer; we always follow our standard of quality, as explained earlier. We have 15 years of experience in studying essential oils. The oil must be 100% authentic and natural, direct from the origin, and the producer must be trusted.

You may see that if you only look at the price difference, BOTANICESSENCE does not offer the cheapest price for essential oils. But in terms of specific details of each essential oil, including species, chemotypes, and grade, you can be sure that our price is good. Only retailer shops of essential oil producers themselves can sell cheaper than us, but in a limited range of oils.

Where is your location? Do you ship worldwide? How long for delivery?

FedExThailandPostWe are small company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We're importing the top quality pure essential oils from worldwide distilleries and guarantee that we're one of the best essential oil retailer and selling at competitive price. We ship our products worldwide. We normally ship our pure essential oils to nearby countries every month. The approximate time of delivery for normal shipping method (Registered airmail via ThailandPost) from our records is 1-3 business days for domestic order and 9-12 business days for international order. Tracking number can be provided for all orders. For the expensive or big volume orders, we may consider us FedEx, depends on appropriate choice.

Regular : Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, United States.
Others : Australia, Brunei, Dominica, Germany, Ireland, Phillippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, UAE, Vietnam, United Kingdom.

Can I place the order without registering for an account?

Yes. You can order via our LINE official account : @botanicessence

Anyway, for order on the website, the customer are requested to registered for an account before placing an order. We understand that some customers may not feel comfortable to give the private information, but our registration process require only information that necessary for sending the order (Name, Address, Email or Mobile). We do not need more than that and we will never send any junk mail to you too. Your password also encrypted before keeping in our database system so no one knows your password. In case you've forgotten your password, we can only reset the password and you will change to the new password on your own.

Do you have a retail store that I can visit and test the products?

We are mainly focus on the online business to make sure that we can access to worldwide customers and customers everywhere can have the best oils. We recommend all customers to buy online because you can get every essential oils and size that you need. Anyway, we're also have a shop for local customers who wish to test the oils before purchase and also to ensure our existence. Our shop location is below:

BOTANICESSENCE @ B1 Floor, Maleenont Tower (CH3 Tower)

Closest BTS Station: Phorm Pong or Thong Lor Station

How can I make a payment?

For international payment, we currently accept online credit card payment via PayPal (www.paypal.com). It's the most safe and secure payment gateway. But if you're in Thailand or you know someone in Thailand who can make a payment for your order, we can accept the payment to our local bank account via mobile or internet banking, ATM or direct deposit at local branch.

How many days will the order dispatched once the payment completed.

Once the payment confirm received. We will do the best to prepare your order as fast as possible. The normal preparation time is approximately 3-5 business days. The maximum should not be over 5 days except there are some weekend or national holiday during that time. After that, the order will be shipped an the tracking number will available. The order should be delivered into your hands within 9-12 business days. The delivery time by post could be a bit later in case of Christmas or New Year holiday.

Shipping Method (Customers with shipping address outside Thailand only)

Normally, all orders will need 3-5 business days for order preparation before the order shipped via ThailandPost by Standard Airmail, which takes another approximately 9-12 business days (2-3 Weeks) for delivery to your address. The total days required after payment confirmed receive will be approximately 12-17 business days.

However, if you think that the standard airmail is expensive, or it's too delay for delivery, the customer can change to another shipping service which is cheaper (slower delivery time) or faster (more expensive shipping cost). The detail is below:

  • Economy Airmail (4-6 Weeks).

    Preparation time = 3-5 business days.
    Delivery time by ThailandPost SAL service = 20-30 business days.
    Total = 4-6 Weeks.

  • Standard Airmail (2-3 Weeks).

    Preparation time = 3-5 business days.
    Delivery time by ThailandPost EMS = 9-12 business days.
    Total = 2-3 Weeks.

  • EMS Express (1-2 Weeks).

    Preparation time = 3-5 business days. (Guarantee ship next business day)
    Delivery time by ThailandPost EMS = 4-6 business days.
    Total = 1-2 Weeks.

    * EMS Next Day service is not eligible for "50% shipping discount if over $20 USD promotion".

  • Hotel Delivery (Within Thailand only) (3-5 business days).

    We ship by EMS to hotel address in Thailand only.
    Customer must provide Hotel name & address, Guest name, Check in-out date. Room number is optional.

    Preparation time = 2 business days.
    Delivery time by ThailandPost EMS = 1-3 business days.
    Total = 3-5 business days.
What if package lost or damaged during transportation?

All orders will be shipped with standard registered airmail by ThailandPost except some order that we may choose EMS or other service. The service is quite reliable and only few record per year has found delay / damaged or loss. The customers do not need to pay for the insurance but we will consider by our experience for each order. In case of delay, it should be delivered within 2 weeks after the standard delivery time. In case of package loss or damage, we will send the new one with no extra charge.

How I can contact you if I have further questions?

LINE Official Account : @botanicessence
Please email to us botanicessence@yahoo.com or call +66 (0) 81 3543664 (Thai) or +66 (0) 87 9741994 (English).


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